A great idea is not an invention, it is a discovery. Disruptive innovation is the commitment we make to the process of asking questions, combining elements, finding patterns, and testing concepts. The power of questions start with asking more and better questions. Questions allow you to conceptualize a situation, with the first step in concept-combine-create.

CU3IC’s two-tiered strategy

Reverse Innovation:

“If we don’t come up with innovations in poor countries and take them global, new competitors from the developing world will.  That’s a bracing prospect.”- Jeffrey Immelt

Disruptive frugal innovation is arriving from the developing countries to impact the rich countries.  CU3IC provides a conduit for ideas coming from the developing regions.

Geographical markets that don’t exist yet
Your unused R&D + unexplored domains + BOP ideas = new markets

  • Explore new markets and geographies by creating new frugal products and technologies that easily find their consumers in BOP regions and can be replicated in other regions.
  • Increase your world market share by expanding your sales territory to BOP markets
  • Increase your brand awareness in BOP markets by selling frugal products
  • Act for good cause in BOP markets where BOP participants become active co-creators and earn compensation for their participation and ideas

CU3IC conducts reverse innovation projects that:

  1. Create new frugal products and technologies that can be easily replicated in other regions
  1. Allows BOP participants to become active co-creators and earn compensation for their participation and ideas.

Our upcoming reverse innovation projects in collaboration with Hand in Hand India:

  1. Alternative methods for identification and treatment of anemia
  2. New products for female hygiene
  3. Alternative educational tools for nomadic Narikurava children

Cross Innovation:

“Creativity is just connecting things” – Steve Jobs

We connect clients’ technologies to new applications. We find technology-technology connections and technology-domain connections.

Markets that don’t exist……YET!
Your unused R&D + unexplored domains = new markets

  • Increase your growth options by using your technology in different areas
  • Become leader / expert of your technology by using your know-how in different areas
  • Diversify your portfolio to reduce risk with regard to market volatility and saturation
  • Increase your revenue through technology licensing, cooperation etc.